Real Estate Branding Sydney | Case Study


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Lacklustre B2B communication wasn’t going to cut it for Centennial’s highly sophisticated audience. As a property investment group for high end clients looking for elite property investment opportunities, the challenge Centennial came to us with was creating a brand that showed they saw things differently to their competition. In a sea of blue, white and grey boring sameness Centennial needed to stand out, build trust and yet feel like a valuable secret that only a select few knew about.

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Research showed the brand was inconsistent and people were confused. Not only was it known by a number of names, the Centennial Group, Centennial and CPG, it looked like, spoke like and felt like the bigger competitors. It felt like ‘just another property player' who wasn’t making it easy to decide who to go with. People wanted ‘insider’ knowledge and needed their property investment group to bring them opportunities and perspectives not everyone else could. Centennial needed to feel special to them and we needed to communicate that they could see potential others couldn’t.


The idea of seeing things from a different angle became core to the approach we took. Images that showed unusual and beautiful perspectives on buildings visually communicated Centennial’s unique ability to find opportunities where others didn’t. A luxe black, white and copper colour palette made the brand feel valuable and special. We also simplified the name to Centennial, streamlined product offerings and built a suite of expertise to reassure people that they were dealing with experts who were at the top of their game. By redefining what B2B communications is, we replaced corporate sameness with desire and luxury. In doing so we were able to communicate the unique perspectives and highly valuable expertise their clients get access to. Centennial’s brand now matches their incredible abilities to drive success and make their client’s money.

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CUT THRU gave us the assets we needed to reposition our property brand for the future and consistently apply it across all our touch-points.

Lyle Hammerschlag

CEO | Centennial