Blossom is a Fintech poised to disrupt banking, term deposits and how people save. When your competitors are billion-dollar 100+ year old brands, brands like Blossom need to think different about how to engage with younger customers in an area that is usually far from sexy or interesting.


Research uncovered that there was a rare alignment between the values of the Blossom team and their target market. Aside from wanting to be better savers, both have strongly held beliefs in female financial empowerment and supporting the environment.


CUT THRU worked closely with Blossom to create a truly unique, earthy, warm and female oriented brand in space typically male-dominated by cold and transactional space. We believe every successful brand has an element of novelty and convenience within them. Working closely with Blossom, we developed a brand that rewards savers by planting trees in bushfire affected areas as they reach their savings goals. Using conversion-centered design, we helped the brand get significant traction as it launched, despite having a modest marketing budget.

It's hard to find an agency of this calibre to work with a startup. CUT THRU helped us uncover and engage a niche audience with a truly unique identity and messaging that helped us launch with a bang. Their experience and understanding of commercial branding strategy helped us to create very quick traction in the market. Their ideas helped us to separate our financial app from all competitors in the market. Not only did the CUT THRU team breathe life into Blossom but they also brought our team together and drew the best out of each individual. They facilitated effective workshops, forcing us to sit down for the first time and create the essence, vision and mission of our company. They kept in close contact with each member of our team and was always willing to provide extra advice, resources (through their huge and invaluable network) and support along the way.

Gabi, Ali, Matt and Lance Rosenberg

Founder | Blossom