Prosperity Media


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Prosperity Media is SEO and content agency serving clients globally from their offices in Sydney, Australia. Despite being respected experts in their field, the true value they offered was hidden behind an undifferentiated brand that didn’t get their business the recognition it deserved. Only industry experts knew they were a global thought leader in the SEO space, CUT THRU was engaged to ensure they had a brand that better communicated their value and got them the recognition they truly deserved.

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Research showed that no one wanted to buy content from an SEO agency. Despite content being an essential part of SEO, it was seen as a grudge purchase where SEO agencies appeared to lack the creativity needed to produce content loved by humans and search engines alike. Many clients had the additional cost and inconvenience of having to hire both a content agency and an SEO firm to get great content that ranked well online.


Prosperity had a global network of SEO experts that was underutilized. By hosting events that brought all this expertise together and through creating multidisciplinary teams of content and SEO specialists in-house, they created undeniable proof of technical expertise and quality content capabilities. Combined with a highly differentiated visual identity and poignant messaging, Prosperity was able to fill a gap in the market none of their competitors could. Not only did this position them as the ‘expert’s expert’ but alleviated any customer concerns of getting quality content from technical SEO experts.

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CUT THRU helped us uncover hidden value in our brand to fill an often ignored gap in the market that our clients longed for and our competitors were/are totally unaware of.

James Norquay

Managing Director | Prosperity Media