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The international travel market was divided, dominated by DIY online aggregators and service oriented travel agents who lacked the timeand incentives to find the best deals. After nearly 10 years of operation and with over 1 million flights booked, Pointy Deals messaging was creating confusion around what they did and how they did it. They are B2B flight specialists, not travel agents but referred to themselves as a ‘Travel Concierge’ which gave impressions of an end-to-end service and saw them receiving onerous and unqualified leads from people they didn’t want and about services they didn’t provide.

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CUT THRU’s research uncovered a disconnect between the market’s perception of Pointy Deals and how they needed to be viewed to best support their future growth as an international brand. Their unique ability to find cheap, high end flights was their core USP but painted them as “flight-hackers” which generated uncertainty in a market where certainty was key. In the B2C market, flights are seen as commodities where service and experience is often undervalued. The B2B space (corporate travel) however put a premium on service as timing and experience was more important than price.


CUT THRU repositioned the Pointy Brand from a B2C product to a B2B service in corporate travel. They needed to be seen as flight-specialists, not travel agents and the company’s identity and messaging needed to reflect this. Pointy Deals became Pointy Flights, retaining existing brand equity whilst concurrently adding a level of specialisation to their name. In a market filled with generalists and costly corporate travel agents, going niche helped the brand get greater traction in-market as specialists and achieve a 127% YoY growth spurt in their revenue.

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CUT THRU helped us create a trusted brand in a tainted category filled with fly-by-nighters (literally).

Chananya Bineth

CEO | Pointy Travel