Like Family


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Despite having solved the issue of reliability affecting the Social Care industry, Like Family (formerly Home Care Heroes) was struggling to articulate this to customers. A lot of energy was being spent explaining services to a confused market, as the implication was at-home medical assistance, elderly care, or similar. Their brand identity was actively hindering growth at a time when they were looking to expand.

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For carers, messaging in the industry was too transactional. It caused alienation as many sought to improve quality of life through meaningful interaction, not just earn more money. For those needing care, there was a sense of stigma in the implication that care requires a hero. It emerged that impact storytelling and narrative-driven messaging would resonate better with both groups.


Taking inspiration from the highest compliment a carer could be paid, Home Care Heroes became Like Family. Internal jargon was adjusted to suit: ‘heroes’ became ‘family friends,’ and ‘missions’ became ‘outings.’ An overhaul of the visual messaging style to outdoor group activities distanced the brand from negative stereotypes of “home care.”

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CUT THRU helped us create a brand that resonated deeply with both sides of a two-sided market place.

Jenna Leo

Managing Director | Like Family