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Comestri is the eCommerce backend system powering some of Australia and the EU's flagship brands like Petbarn, Bunnings, and Lorna Jane. As a leading unified commerce solution, Comestri helps retailers manage their product data, inventory, and orders across multiple channels. Articulating the comprehensive capabilities of software that performs a multitude of functions is a significant challenge, especially in the SaaS industry. With the rapid growth of ecommerce and the increasing complexity of retail operations, merchants face difficulties in maintaining accurate, consistent data and seamless customer experiences. Comestri aimed to establish itself as the essential platform for simplifying and unifying omnichannel retail, but their messaging and identity needed to more effectively communicate their unique value proposition.

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Market research and customer interviews revealed critical insights. The category faced confusion due to competing softwares that had expanded through bolt-on acquisitions, making it hard to navigate and compare features without extensive hands-on experience. Comestri's target customers sought timely, accurate information from a system that combined Order Management (OM), Product Information Management (PIM), and Channel Management. Comestri uniquely offered all three pre-integrated and synchronized, setting them apart in the global market. Furthermore, with the SaaS market becoming more crowded with all-in-one solutions, distinguishing oneself became increasingly difficult. Comestri had a valuable opportunity to claim the position of a truly unified commerce platform capable of handling the complexities of modern retail.


A new brand strategy and messaging framework were developed to underscore Comestri's strengths - their sophisticated yet user-friendly platform, deep retail knowledge, and the exclusive advantage of integrating OM, PIM, and Channel Management. The new positioning statement, "Unified eCommerce is better when it's all connected," perfectly captured Comestri's ability to integrate and simplify every aspect of omnichannel retail. The updated visual branding, featuring interconnected nodes and lines, visually reinforced the concept of unified commerce. Targeted content and case studies effectively demonstrated Comestri's success in providing retailers with a unified view of inventory, orders, and customers, thanks to the seamless integration of these three fundamental functionalities. The refreshed brand identity and clear messaging solidified Comestri's status as a frontrunner in streamlining the increasingly intricate world of retail ecommerce.

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CUT THRU was able to quickly grasp and understand our product. Jonathan and the team was able to literally "cut thru" the jargon and complexity of used in the eCommerce industry and delivera Positioning Statement and Elevator Pitch that was defined, succinct and understandable.

Frank Nesci